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Today's colloquium: The trial and transport of cosmic metals

Submitter: Stefanie Muehle
Description: The cosmic metal distribution remains largely uncertain. While a few studies have touched on the subject, both using observations and theory, the question of where the metals are in the universe remains an open question. I will report the first chemodynamical results of the OverWhelmingly Large Simulations (OWLS) project, examining the metal distribution in galaxies, the ICM, and the IGM. I will characterize the distribution of metals in density-temperature-metallicity phase space at various redshifts, systematically examining the effects of altering the pertinent prescriptions (stellar IMF, cooling, supernova wind strength, numerical resolution, etc.).

The above image shows a 3 Mpc region in one of our simulations, focused on a protocluster at z = 2. Notice the dense filaments of accreting gas as well as the metal outflows into shock-heated intracluster gas.
Copyright: Robert Wiersma, Sterrewacht Leiden
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