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Microstrip phased-array antennas and printed reflectarrays

Submitter: Marianna Ivashina
Description: Prof. A.Kasyanov from Southern Federal University of Russia (Inst. of Technology) will visit ASTRON on November 13th for the purpose of an invited colloquium.
In his presentation, he will talk about microstrip phased-array antennas and printed reflectarrays for applications at microwave frequencies. He will present the original spiraphase focusing radio-lens, which is shown in figure above (left). This lens has several advantages that particularly include the simplicity of its construction and the ease to create the required aperture field distribution, ensuring the antenna pattern with small side-lobe levels. Additionally, since no traditional phase shifters are used, the cost of such microwave spiraphase arrays is relatively low. Furthermore, in his presentation, Prof. Kasyanov will talk about the Corner Sub-Reflector (CSR) for the mm-wave Multibeam Solar Radio Telescope (MSRT). A 2 m MSRT is shown in the figure above(right). In MSRT two frequency selective surfaces (FSSs) are used to ensure high efficiency of the telescope in three frequency ranges simultaneously (30/90/150 GHz). These FSSs have negligible power reflection/transmission losses in these ranges and are characterized by the low angular and polarizing sensitivity.
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