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TADU operational

Submitter: Arie Doorduin
Description: TADU, the Tied Array Distribution Unit and the missing link between the DZB and Mark5B recorder is now operational. The pictures show the input and the output sides of the system.

During the October VLBI session, TADU became fully operational. This ends a seven years period of designing, building and programming.
In October 2002 the design of TADU started, originally intended for a system with analog outputs for the Mark4B recorder. In October 2003 the design changed to a digital solution, with VSI_H compatible outputs for the Mark5B recorder. Now TADU distributes the 32 outputs from the DZB-TAAM boards to 16 channels of the Mark5B recorder and 16 outputs to PUMA. For the Mark5B the data will be filtered by an 128-taps FIR filter, selectable from 16 MHz to 0.25 MHz. For PUMA, the data is unfiltered.
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