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EVN directors high in the sky

Submitter: Huib Jan van Langevelde
Description: The EVN board of directors had its fall meeting at its largest, but also one of its most remote stations, the Arecibo telescope on Puerto Rico.

November 4 was decision day with both the US elections and the EVN board, but November 3 was a day for the Arecibo staff to get to know the EVN and the EVN folks to learn about Arecibo from their usual high-level perspective (NB: the editors of the AJDI have it on good authority that not every EVN board member had the courage to climb to the focus, high above the dish....)

Scary as it may seem, the tour of the "eye in the sky" was only half as intimidating as driving around Puerto Rico during election time. Unfortunately no pictures exist of the EVN officers particpating in the local election parade...
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