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Submitter: Michael Garrett
Description: Brian Boyle (Director of the ATNF) visits ASTRON today. He will give a
short astro-lunch talk, outlining progress with the Australian SKA
pathfinder, ASKAP. A lot is happening at the moment, in particular the
major contract for ASKAP antennas has been let to a Chinese
corporation (CET54) that will build thirty-six 12-metre attennas for
10 MAUD. During a recent visit, I was able to see the ASKAP prototype
"checkerboard" focal plane array system (top right), installed on the
12-metre Patriot test antenna at Parkes. First fringes were achieved
recently with the Patriot and the nearby Parkes 64-metre (bottom
right) using the FPA system as one of the receiving channels. In the
main image, Brian appears to be checking that the Patriot's tracking
is up to scratch!
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