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Girl Power

Submitter: Marjan Tibbe
Description: In order to get more familiar with the LOFAR roll out and all its vicissitudes and to be able to empathize with all the technical issues, secretaries from RO/AG, R&D and LOFAR visited the LOFAR site in Exloo on a gorgeous day in September.

Scoutmaster Yde Koopman showed them around and explained all hustle and bustle. It was definitely impressive to see all the work that was going on with the large machines, the technical infrastructure and the wetlands that are already developing. Also, now we can prepare our visitors for an experience with the LOFAR site. Once it is ready, it will be a fantastic mixture of technique and nature; completely different from the potatoes that used to grow there!
Copyright: Y. Koopman/ASTRON
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