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Born: The new AAVP logo

Submitter: Arnold van Ardenne
Description: Under the umbrella of the European SKA Consortium ("ESKAC"), the Aperture Array Verification Program (AAVP) is rapidly beginning to take shape. It will be coordinated by ASTRON. It follows up on the results of the highly successful SKADS program, which will finish next year. Its aim is to demonstrate that dense aperture arrays are a scientifically and technically viable concept for the SKA. Its results will be fed into the new PrepSKA program, which prepares for SKA Phase-1 around 2013.

The AAVP program will involve at least 6, and possibly up to 9-10 European countries. While its structure is shaping up, we should of course think about a suitable logo. Here it is! It nicely combines the best of the SKADS logo with the global character of the SKA.

The new logo will serve as our rallying banner for the next four years. As such, it will represent the activities toward the most innovative implementation for the ultimate in wide field observing techniques for the SKA.
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