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Girls Day ASTRON&JIVE 2009

Submitter: Boekhorst
Description: On Thursday 23 April, 33 girls from 4 VWO of the Nassau College in Assen visited ASTRON & JIVE during the Girls Day 2009. The day was organised on the international Girls Day that also took place on the 23rd. As it coincided with ASTRON's 60th birthday, the Girls fell with their noses in the butter and started off in the kantine with taart that was especially made for ASTRON's anniversary.

Five different stations were placed in and outside the building to show the girls what is happening at ASTRON and JIVE in the field of astronomy, the optical/ ir lab and antenna's and receivers. Besides this, CAMRAS gave tours in the Dwingeloo telescope.

The day ended with a presentation by the Spacegirls, seven girls from the same Nassau College who are participating in the national CanSat project. In this project they have to make a satellite out of a soda can, which also has to perform two missions. ASTRON is sponsoring the seven girls, who are also the only girls team participating in the project. With all the great help and efforts of ASTRON's Diversity Committee, several people from CAMRAS and the Spacegirls, it was a very successful day for everyone!
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