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The Active Sun

Submitter: Albert van Duin
Description: On January 27 there was a sunspot complex moving out of view just over the edge of the Sun. The weather happend to be favourable during the coffee break, so we put the Astron Solar-scope out on the sun deck.

Quite a large part of the Astron personnel seized the opportunity to take a good look. Luckily, an impressive solar prominence happened to be hovering right above the sunspots. This is one of the largest prominences of the last few years.

Rik ter Horst managed to image it through the eyepiece with the camera in his phone. The next solar maximum is expected around 2012, so there is probably more to come. We will keep a close watch on the Sun whenever the weather is good enough.

The solar telescope has been procured on the initiative of the Astronomy Group & Directie.
Copyright: Jan Noordam / Rik ter Horst
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