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Maciej Serylak succesfully defends PhD thesis on radio pulsars with WSRT

Submitter: Joeri van Leeuwen
Description: On Februari 18, Maciej Serylak successfully defended his PhD thesis titled "Modulation properties of radio-emitting neutron stars". In the above picture, Maciej is answering the last question of the morning. The pedel is already present, waiting to lead out the committee. In the 45 minutes prior to this moment, Raffaella Morganti, Joeri van Leeuwen and the rest of the committee tested Maciej on his knowledge and skills. For co-promotor Ben Stappers, now at U. Manchester, this defense was the last in the series of UvA PhD students he started when he was at ASTRON.

In this thesis, Maciej used Westerbork data for several projects. He first investigated the single-pulse properties of the radio-emitting magnetar XTE J1810−197. The magnetar’s pulse-energy distributions were found to be very peculiar; it exhibits strong spiky single pulses; and a high degree of intensity fluctuations on day-to-day time-scales and dramatic changes across pulse phase were found. In conclusion, the radio emission is very different from that of standard radio pulsars.

In a different chapter, Maciej investigates modulation in more than 100 pulsars observed with WSRT. Using a new technique he studies drifting subpulses, aliasing and null-induced mode changing, and describes the correlation between these phenomena.
Copyright: Vlad Kondratiev
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