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First sunrise of spring 2011 over the WSRT

Submitter: Harm Munk
Description: This year, on March 21, the start of the astronomical spring, the Sun rises almost exactly in the east. This year, excellent clear weather permitted us to illustrate, or verify this by taking pictures at the WSRT. The telescopes lie in a perfect east-west line. So, on this day, the Sun rises on this line.

These pictures were taken from a platform at approximately 20 meters up at sunrise on March 21. The telescopes themselves were pointing almost due west, away from the Sun.

The first picture shows the Sun just peeking through the telescope structure. In the second picture, taken three minutes later, the Sun is already some distance from the horizon and has clearly moved to the south. The last picture was taken from the ground, some 12 minutes after the first picture.
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