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Stars in their eyes (Take 2) - Leiden MSc Class of 2010

Submitter: Michael Garrett
Description: A few weeks ago the U of Leiden, Radio Astronomy MSc class visited ASTRON & the WSRT, together with the bachelors class on Observational Astronomy and a large group of secondary school students - in total we catered for more than 60 students of one sort or another! After a tour of the WSRT which included also a visit to EMBRACE, the students travelled to Dwingeloo. After some short presentations they toured the building and visited JIVE and the Dwingeloo 25-metre telescope operated by CAMRAS. Before leaving there was time for some snacks and drinks. The group left in high spirits after a long but hopefully interesting day.

The images above (thanks Carla!) show some of the 2010 Radio Astronomy MSc class. This year we had a record 14 students - a great group with an exciting career path ahead of them. Let's hope a few of them will form part of the future generation of LOFAR and SKA astronomers.

Many thanks to Annette de Boer-Arts, Roy Smits, the staff at the WSRT in particular Harm-Jan Stiepel, Jeanne Drost, Paul Boven, Arpad Szomoru, Bernhard Brandl and Paul van der Werf for organising the day. It was also nice to see here again two past MSc students - Renske Smit and Nienke van der Marel - looking after the bachelor and school students.
Copyright: Carla Natário & ASTRON
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