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Solar Energy

Submitter: Henri Meulman
Description: The Sun is shining over LOFAR and it looks like summer. It is 25 degrees Celsius and that is about 11 degrees above the multi-year average.

Our closest star generates so much heat over the High Band Antennas that the air above it is vibrating. The amount of power (energy/s) is about 800 Watt per square meter. The surface of every antenna is 25 square meters so this means that every antenna collects 0.8 X 25 = 20 kW of power. Every station containing 24 High Band Antennas collects 20 X 24 = 480 kW. The 48 core stations together collect 48 X 0.48 = 23 MW. This is enough to heat the air and let it shimmer and rise. For now, only this buzzard is using the energy to hover high above LOFAR on the rising air.
Copyright: Meulman, Astron
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