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The last thing(s) lucky low frequency photons see

Submitter: George Heald and Olaf Wucknitz
Description: A recent virtual tour around the developing LOFAR array revealed that the Google Maps team has been busy. Lately, the Effelsberg and Tautenburg LOFAR stations have become visible in satellite views of their locations. From ground level, the Effelsberg 100-m dish is often described as more impressive than a collection of dipoles - but from the air, LOFAR might well be the more photogenic telescope. It's also striking to notice the difference in the HBA tile layout between the two stations.

From the point of view of a low frequency photon, you wouldn't have much time to admire the view, but you'd have a chance at contributing to LOFAR commissioning. Lucky photons!

Hint for the Google Maps team: Add Exloo to your list of areas to update!
Copyright: ASTRON/LOFAR; Images from Google Maps
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