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Royal Honours for Thijs van der Hulst

Submitter: Tom Oosterloo
Description: The 29th of April is traditionally the day of the 'lintjesregen', i.e. the day Her Majesty Queen Beatrix bestows royal honours on those who have made a particularly valuable contribution to society.

This year, Prof Thijs van der Hulst was among those to receive such a high distinction, as he was awarded the Order of the Dutch Lion. The award reflects Thijs' huge contribution to astronomy in the Netherlands and to radio astronomy in particular.

Thijs has had a long and varied association with ASTRON over the years. He is in the top-ten of WSRT users, and during the 80's he occupied the post of WSRT 'telescope astronomer' (no connection, of course). Later, he served as chairman of the last old-style ASTRON Bestuur, and as chairman of the European SKA committee. At this moment, he still chairs the WSRT time allocation committee.

So, congratulations to Thijs (pictured here after having watched the 2006 solar eclipse in Turkey), his family and all his colleagues at the Kapteyn institute in Groningen, at ASTRON and JIVE, and throughout The Netherlands.
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