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What does an astronomer look like?

Submitter: Marijke Haverkorn
Description: As you may have read in the Daily Image of 9 May, Girls Day 2011 was great fun. One of the activities in the program was called "Chat With An Astronomer". The idea behind this was that the high school students would also learn a bit about astronomers themselves and the lives they lead, in addition to the science and technology that the girls were submersed in for the day.

The visiting girls paired up behind computers for a chat session with a Dutch-speaking female astronomer somewhere in Europe. They were told that they could ask any question they wanted, resulting in chats about dead stars and galaxy simulations, but also about favorite meals, hobbies, boy friends, and ear rings.

To add some challenge, the girls were asked to make an "art work" describing their chat partner, using the information that the astronomer had given them. The best art would receive a prize, and a prominent spot on the Daily Image.

So here they are: 8 anonymized young astronomers somewhere in Europe, seen through the eyes of 13- to 15-year-old chatters. (Can you recognize one of your collaborators?) The big image in the middle received first prize. To the surprise of some, the main criteria for awarding the prize turned out not to be artistic prowess, but information density and originality. Congratulations to the prize winners and thanks to all girls for bringing in a different kind of creativity to ASTRON and JIVE for a day!
Copyright: Girlsday 2011
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