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The sunny smiles of the EVN directors at Torun, Poland

Submitter: Huib van Langevelde
Description: The EVN Consortium Board of Directors met in Torun on May 11 2011 for its half-yearly meeting. This was in fact a second attempt after the meeting had been canceled last year because volcano ash made travel impossible. This year the skies were bright, very bright in fact, as can be seen in the group photo.

This was the last meeting under the chairmanship of Andrzej Kus, who has been instrumental in getting more (eastern) stations in the EVN, like the Russian KVASAR array.

In fact it was also the last CBD meeting of Tiziana Venturi in her capacity of chair of the Programme Committee. She has overseen a transition in the EVN to adopt many more so-called Target-of-Opportunity proposals. These require the Programme Committee to react quite rapidly, but have notably increased the scientific return of the EVN.

With the fisrt new digital baseband converters (dBBC), also Walter Alef has announced to step down as the chair of the Technical and Operations Group (TOG). He has led the EVN through a number of technical updates over the last decade.

It remains unclear why the other people in this picture are proudly smiling...
Copyright: photo by Stanislaw Krawczyk
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