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Stargazing near the Dwingeloo Telescope

Submitter: Roy Smits
Description: Astron has a new telescope, a 10-inch Dobsonian. On a clear evening, we celebrated "first light" with many Astron employees, guests and families joining in. The area next to the Dwingeloo Telescope, part of the nature reserve "Dwingelderveld", provided us with a clear view in all directions.

As the night darkened, the sky lit up with stars and Saturn rose above the horizon. The crescent moon was perfect for a spectacular view of the craters and even allowed for a glimpse of the darkened lunar-surface. The images, taken by Harm-Jan Stiepel, give a great impression of the evening.

The telescope will be available for visitors at Astron.

For those anxious for some stargazing, the Jodcast has an excellent monthly summary of the night sky: http://www.jodcast.net
Copyright: Harm-Jan Stiepel
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