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LOFAR superterp

Submitter: Peter Bennema
Description: ASTRON was early this year: While the surrounding grass-lands were still green and untouched by mowing machines, all the core antenna fields were nicely "cut and shaved".

Two months later the view was just the opposite. The breeding season was definitively over, so "Het Drentse Landschap", the owner of the non-LOFAR land had started to cut their grass, while the LOFAR grass had grown again.

The top of the picture shows the wet-land part of the core aerea. The decision to combine the high-tech LOFAR with nature development is working out very nicely. The heart of LOFAR is rapidly turning into a unique nature reserve area which attracts all kinds of birds (and therefore birdwatchers with their binoculars), new plants (and therefore botanists on their knees) and cyclists (after all, we are in the Netherlands). All are greatly enjoying the newly created environment.

Copyright: peter elenbaas
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