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Public observatory Zwolle now open for business.

Submitter: Annette de Boer
Description: A new public observatory opened in Zwolle on 24th September 2011. It is managed by the association Thales, Zwolle (Association for Meteorology and Astronomy). The building with the dome stands on the site ‘Doepark Nooterhof’, where all kinds of interactive activities can be done with respect to nature and environmental sustainability. The observatory will focus on something else though: looking into the sky and make visitors aware of the vulnerability of the Earth.

The observatory offers the public and pupils new opportunities to watch different kind of phenomena in the sky. The association has a Celestron C11 night telescope and a sun telescope (Lunt LS60tha) at its disposal. They plan to have another telescope to watch the deep sky as well.
ASTRON has contributed to this observatory. A LOFAR Low Band Antenna model will be displayed in the building along with some background information about ASTRON and LOFAR in particular.
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