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UniBoard receives samples from ADU at 800 MSps

Submitter: Eric Kooistra on behalf of the APERTIF digital team
Description: The photo shows the UniBoard at the left connected to the Analogue-Digital Unit (ADU) board at the right via a temporary interconnect board in the middle. The ADU board can sample 8 antenna signals at 800 Mega samples per second and outputs these to the UniBoard for further digital signal processing. In the APERTIF beamformer we will use 4 UniBoards connected to 8 ADU boards via a backplane in a 19 inch subrack to accommodate a total of 64 antenna signals per WSRT dish.

Early October we achieved an important milestone whereby we captured two analogue input signals from ADU into the 4 GByte DDR3 memory on the UniBoard. The picture shows the captured sinus wave signal and its frequency spectrum (742 MHz sampled at 800 MHz yields 58 MHz). This demo showed that hardware and the program code (the VHDL) of UniBoard works correctly and forms an intermediate step in the development of the APERTIF beamformer.
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