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First KVN-EVN real-time e-VLBI fringes

Submitter: Mark Kettenis
Description: On October 19, the first real-time fringes were obtained between telescopes of the Korean VLBI Network (KVN) and telescopes of the European VLBI Network. This was done during the very first fringe test scheduled for this purpose. The KVN stations that participated were Yonsei (Ky), near Seoul, and Tamna (Kt) on the island of Jeju in the very south of Korea.

The EVN part of the array was formed by Yebes (Ys) in Spain, Onsala (On) in Sweden and Metsahovi (Mh) in Finland. The observations were done at K-band (22 GHz), and resulted in fringes on all baselines, despite the rain at Onsala and Metsahovi. The data rate was 256 Mbit/s. We also tested successfully at 512 Mbit/s, but only with KVN Tamna due to the limited bandwidth available between Korea and the Netherlands.

The image shows both participating KVN telescopes and a fringe plot. In the plot, the different sub-bands are separated by the dashed vertical lines, and the lag (channel) number increases continually across the sub-bands. Polarizations are color coded: RR in red, and LL in blue.

We congratulate our Korean colleagues with this great result, and wish to thank everybody involved at the stations and the correlator for their effort.
Copyright: JIVE/Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute KVN
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