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Apertif Digital Beamformer gets into Shape

Submitter: Gijs Schoonderbeek
Description: In the week before Christmas the backplane for the APERTIF beamformer has arrived. The images show one backplane, including the boards which are plugged in at both sides of the backplane. In total two of those subracks are required for the APERTIF beamformer for each telescope. On those boards multiple beams are formed from all antenna elements of the phased array feed in the telescope. In a single AUB (ADU Uniboard backplane) four UniBoards (Digital beamformer boards), eight ADU (ADC converter Units) and a PAC (Power And Clock distribution) board are plugged. Since it is proved now that all boards fit mechanically in the backplane, it is sent to APRA for integration in a mechanical subrack housing.

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