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Today's Colloquium: A model-based approach to measuring disk galaxy structure (Kristine Spekkens, Royal Military College of Canada)

Submitter: colloquium
Description: As both simulations and observations of nearby disk galaxies improve, it is increasingly important to measure their kinematic and photometric structure using robust techniques. In this talk, I will provide an overview of the challenges in understanding disk galaxy mass distributions in the context of the standard cosmology, describe ongoing observational efforts to address these issues, and present a model-based approach to fitting well-resolved disk galaxy velocity fields and photometric images that could be adapted for pipeline processing the next generation of nearby galaxy surveys.

The image shows the HI distribution and kinematics in the nearby disk galaxy NGC 6503. Pixel brightness represents HI intensity, and pixel colour represents recessional velocity. The extended unwarped HI disk in NGC 6503, its low surface brightness stellar disk, and the regularity of its kinematics make it an ideal target for detailed dynamical studies.
Copyright: Kristine Spekkens and Eric Greisen
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