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Today's colloquium: HI measurements of Andromeda galaxy: peeking at our neighbour (Frans de Jong, CAMRAS)

Submitter: Colloquium
Description: Once the Dwingeloo Radio Telescope became available, the heart of an amateur radio astronomer starts pumping. Is it true? Can I really do such measurements as HI in our galaxy, Pulsars and what more..? The milkyway and pulsars are covered and public demo's and improvements are already done. Is measuring some details of the closest galaxy to our system, the Andromeda galaxy, within reach now using our modern but relative simple equipment? How about the actual speed and rotational velocity? Doppler details? Does the relative motion of our planet through space have any importance? Can I just use my home PC using windows and standard programs instead of starting to program to process the data? Do results compare with professional results? A new experience and a surprising result.
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