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High school students Esdal college learn about LOFAR

Submitter: Annette de Boer
Description: High school students from the Esdal College at Borger have done a school project about LOFAR. As they live so close to the LOFAR ‘superterp’ near Borger, teachers thought it was time to teach them about LOFAR and astronomy in general. Part of the project was a visit to ASTRON and the telescopes. The image gives a nice overview of all the activities.

The children have written their own newspaper, in which they reported on their school project:

“Many people think that Drenthe is a province for farmers and that you can do nothing at all in Drenthe. But is this really true? Maybe, but because it is such a quiet province, it is the perfect place to measure radio waves. Pupils from class 1 and 2 havo/vwo from the Esdal College in Borger investigate all kind of things about space.’’

“At ASTRON we have had an interactive presentation. After the presentation we had a tour to watch radio waves. At the Dwingeloo Telescope we saw that the telescope was turning around with the same speed as the turning of the earth. There we could listen to a pulsar. A pulsar is a big star that exploded and is turning around very fast.”

“At Westerbork we passed the Milky way path. We could see the ratio of the distances from the planets in our solar system. When we arrived at the telescope we could see it going in the stable state, because of the heavy wind. Besides that, they explained how the telescope is controlled and about parts of the dish.”

“We went to a place near Buinen. There, very little telescopes are located, some of them on a stick, other in (foam) boxes. They camouflaged the telescopes on purpose, because of the capture of the environment. Whenever you pass the place, it will be difficult to see the telescopes.”
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