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Todays Colloquium: 'Hydrodynamical models of pulsar glitches'

Submitter: Colloquium
Description: Although pulsars are some of the most stable clocks in the universe, many of them are observed to 'glitch', i.e. to suddenly increase their spin frequency. I will focus on the 'giant' glitches, i.e. glitches with fractional increases in the spin rate of the order of a part in a million that are observed in a sub class of pulsars including the Vela. I will show that giant glitches can be modelled with a two-fluid hydrodynamical approach combined with recent realistic calculations of the pinning forces between superfluid vortices and the crustal lattice in a neutron star. All stages of Vela glitches, from the rise to the post-glitch relaxation, can be reproduced with a set of physically reasonable parameters and the sizes and waiting times between giant glitches in other pulsars are also consistent with the model I will describe.
Copyright: B. Haskell
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