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Artie sniffing for bugs on the first AARTFAAC hardware

Submitter: Gijs Schoonderbeek
Description: In the beginning of March we received the first prototype of the UniBoard RSP Interface (URI), the AARTFAAC interface between UniBoard and the LOFAR RSP (Remote Station Processing) boards. Four RSPs in total are connected to an URI. Its function is to copy the 10 Gbps ring data of LOFAR to the UniBoards, in such a way that the data is transparently transported to the neighboring RSP boards. On the other side of URI, each UniBoard is connected with interfaces containing all the lane-data from the RSP boards.

Each station needs three URI boards and two UniBoards. When all this is installed in the six Superterp stations, the signals from all the individual dipoles can be correlated with each other, offering powerful new possibilities for all-sky transient detection.

In the picture above, Artie the Aardvaark is looking for some nice juicy hardware bugs. Of course we are willing to accommodate him, but we do hope that he will not find too many! After some enhancements on the board, we will make a small series for further testing in the field.

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