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The future looks bright for JIVE!

Submitter: Kristine Yun
Description: JIVE is pleased to share the results of its recent five-year review. The final report from the review committee, which visited JIVE 5-7 March, was published this week.

In its report the committee endorsed all the elements of JIVE's strategy for the future, including the UniBoard correlator programme, the e-VLBI developments and the strong space applications expertise. It encourages JIVE to proceed with the ERIC process to transform into a legal entity and all the EVN partners to support JIVE financially.

Furthermore JIVE was rated "excellent", notably in the areas of its fundamental mission. In particular, the committee praised JIVE on its outstanding support of the EVN and its users, the science output from JIVE staff, and JIVE's R&D activities concerning digital technology, connectivity, space science applications, and astronomical software.

The committee also stated that "there is almost no area of astronomy which does not benefit from VLBI observations. In our view, this remarkable advance has not yet been fully appreciated by the community at large… VLBI should no longer be regarded as a niche specialism accessible only by ‘black-belt’ radio astronomers. Rather, it should be a normal part of the arsenal of observational techniques available to astronomers at large." Furthermore, VLBI with the EVN is now so user-friendly that "any astronomer should be able to obtain and reduce their data with the help and guidance of the JIVE staff."

Both thanks and congratulations are in order for all JIVE staff (and ASTRON support in Dwingeloo), without whom the review and - indeed the past five years - would not have been so successful.
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