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PRIDE (Planetary Radio Interferometry and Doppler Experiment) featuring on the Dutch astronomical magazine ZENIT

Submitter: Giuseppe Cimo
Description: Space Science applications of VLBI technique spearheaded by JIVE resonates not only within the professional community but also among amateurs. An article describing the past, present and future of VLBI experiments with spacecraft has been published in the March 2012 issue of the Dutch magazine ZENIT http://www.dekoepel.nl/zenit/index.html

ZENIT is a popular science magazine on astronomy, meteorology, space research and related sciences. The journal follows the developments in the professional world of astronomy other relevant science fields. At the same time, ZENIT is also a magazine for active amateurs, with news of observable sky phenomena, observing tips, and descriptions of amateur observations.

The article about PRIDE (Planetary Radio Interferometry and Doppler Experiment) explains the basics of VLBI and its applications for “active” studies of the Solar System by planetary missions in (hopefully) easy terms for a non-professional audience. It describes the scientific heritage of PRIDE, the current work on the ESA’s Venus Express and other science spacecraft and it looks in the future of similar experiments with prospective planetary and space science missions. These include RadioAstron, BepiColombo MMO, Gaia, MarcoPolo-R, JUICE, and many others. The article can be found at page 4 on the March 2012 issue of ZENIT. It was written by Giuseppe Cimò and translated into Dutch by Harro Verkouter.
Copyright: Plots by JIVE. Pictures of spacecraft by NASA. Cover of Zenit magazine is copyright of Zenit.
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