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High day for radio astronomy space applications

Submitter: Leonid Gurvits
Description: A long-standing collaboration between the JIVE and Metsähovi Radio Observatory (Finland) culminated on 27 April 2012 when Guifré Molera, who had recently joined the Space Science and Innovative Applications group of JIVE, defended his PhD thesis at the Aalto University (Espoo, Finland). The title of his thesis, “Radio spectroscopy and space science with VLBI radio telescopes for Solar System research” indicates clearly the subject and method of the study. Indeed, over the last several years, Guifré has developed advanced tools that enable efficient applications of VLB data instrumentation for a broad variety of radio astronomy studies of natural and human-made radio sources within the Solar System. The thesis presents an impressive set of results ranging from discovery of water maser emission in the system of Saturn to diagnostics of interplanetary plasma to precise tracking of planetary mission spacecraft. At JIVE, Guifré will continue to work in close collaboration with his PhD study co-supervisor Sergei Pogrebenko and other colleagues on a number of exciting projects which combine advanced VLBI techniques and space science.

Well done, Guifré!
Copyright: Leonid Gurvits, JIVE (Thesis cover and plot by Guifre Molera Calves)
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