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Dr. Bourke delivers! (then leaves..)

Submitter: Huib van Langevelde
Description: After many years at JIVE, it is Stephen Bourke, PhD, leaving Europe to try his luck in California. Stephen came from Galway, Ireland, to JIVE in order to work on a thesis chapter, applying distributed computing techniques to VLBI imaging. After that he stayed on the ALBUS and ALBiUS project. Mastering ParselTongue and AIPSLite for distributed computing, working on AIPS/casa interoperability and finally on casa fringe fitting, he was JIVE's main contributor to innovating VLBI user processing. Having his expertise around has been very beneficial for the maintenance of the EVN pypeline and addressing AIPS peculiarities. With these skills he also contributed to a number of fine scientific results, notably on radio emission from Brown Dwarfs.

In the mean time he also managed to continue with some significant other activities. The first of these was producing the required corrections to his thesis, which were delivered (in the finest Irish/JIVE tradition) with a respectable delay. Well, admittedly, if any of us were required to wear such a bright gown to get a PhD, we too would have made sure we were safely married and settled before undergoing the final ceremony!

The second significant other activity concerns beer. Stephen will be missed as a source and a source of wisdom when it comes to beer. He has brought many good brews to our attention and consumption, the most impressive being the "Hop Heaven" which goes unmatched on this planet. There was also the beer sampling at random intervals. This will be addressed in a later paperů
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