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Dwingeloo Dish Reburbishment - The Movie

Submitter: Kelley M. Hess
Description: During the removal of the dish from the Dwingeloo Radio Telescope (see Daily Image 07-06-2012), I set up my Hero GoPro HD camera to take still photos of the event once every 5 seconds. A bit of additional work was required by the construction crew to detach the dish from the base and you can see the progression--as the dish appears to wobble loose--through the movie.

The camera features a wide angle lens that can see ~170 degrees. The frame rate of this movie is 5 frame/sec and each frame is separated by 5 seconds, except in the parts where there is little activity going on, in which case I deleted every other still photo so they are separated by 10 seconds. The movie resolution has been reduced to fit into a ~20MB file.
Copyright: Kelley M. Hess
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