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AVO vacuum tube tests

Submitter: Koos Kegel
Description: In designing radio astronomy systems, ASRON Research and Development makes use of advanced low-noise chip processes and state-of-the-art measuring tools like Vector Network Analysers connected to simulation programs running on multi-core digital hardware platforms.

We don't always realize that our present capabilities are the result of several technology revolutions. But sometimes, the multi-decade history of ASTRON is clearly visible. For instance, when two retired professionals, Jan Roosjen and Jan Dirkmaat, use an instrument that is normally only seen in a museum.

On this special occasion, they are measuring the performance of various vacuum tubes, using an AVO tube tester that is apparently still available in the lab, and in full working order. They are selecting the best valve for an audio amplifier, built around both vacuum tubes and modern components. Given the enthusiasm and engineering know-how of these two veteran engineers, there is little doubt that this amplifier will perform well.
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