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In Sync (not to be confused with *NSYNC)

Submitter: Jason Hessels and Vlad Kondratiev on behalf of the LOFAR PWG
Description: With a Single Clock for the whole LOFAR core on the near horizon, we've continued testing our ability to form tied-array beams with CS401, the one station outside of the Superterp that's already connected to the system.

Using 217 simultaneous tied-array beams (numbered on the plots), we mapped the beam pattern created by the coherent sum of stations CS401/HBA0 and CS002/HBA0. These show the expected fan-beam pattern, with a maximum very close to the intended phase center. Some minor tweaking of the calibration is still required, but things are looking good.

The LOFAR pulsar pipeline now creates plots like these automatically so we can easily do regular tests of the core phasing.

Many thanks again to all those involved in pushing this forward!
Copyright: ASTRON/BING
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