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Our summer 2012

Submitter: The summer Students
Description: This summer is coming to an end and we, the summer students of ASTRON/JIVE 2012, would like to express our thanks to ASTRON and JIVE and all its employees, and especially to our supervisors that showed a great deal of patience and support to us. Our supervisor are:

  • George Heald for Patricia Carroll (ASTRON) with the project MSSS survey with the LOFAR: multi-frequency properties of the sources

  • Jozsa Gyula and Tom Oosterloo for Andreas Johansson (ASTRON) with the project Detecting the IGM-ISM interface with the WSRT

  • Panos Labropoulos and Vibor Jelic for Saavidra Perera (ASTRON) with the project Properties of faint sources in the LOFAR-EoR oberving windows

  • Raymond Oonk for Janez Kos (ASTRON) with the projects Amonia in Galaxy Cluster Cores and Optical Line Emitting Gas in Brightest Cluster Galaxies

  • Gabriele Surcis for Luis Henry Quiroga Nunez (JIVE) with the project EVN observations of 6.7 GHz methanol maser polarization in massive star/forming regions

  • Zsolt Paragi and Raffaella Morganti for Judit Fogasy (JIVE) with the project HI outflows in the young radio galaxy 4C12.50

    We would also like to thank the organizers of events, e.g. Fritz Möller in fixing barbeques and the pancake party, Mike Garrett for hosting a garden party for us, Bob Campbell for taking us wadloping, Panos Labropoulos and Vibor Jelic for taking us to see the Westerbork telescopes and LOFAR, Jan and Johanna Noordam for hosting the bridge nights, Paul Boven for inviting us for football, Joeri van Leuwen for taking us mountainbiking, Roy Smits for fixing the games night and Preeti Kharb and Greg Hellbourg for sharing our adventures.

    Groeten uit Dwingeloo,

    Patricia Carroll, Univ. Washington, Seattle
    Judit Fogasy, Eotvos Lorand Univ. Budapest
    Andreas Johansson, Univ. Gothenburg
    Janez Kos, Univ. Ljubljana
    Saavidra Perera, Imperial College, London
    Luis Henry Quiroga Nunez, Nat. Univ. of Colombia, Bogota
  • Copyright: P. Carroll, A. Johansson, J. Kos, J. Noordam
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