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Lucky Jupiter

Submitter: Rik ter Horst
Description: We, Emil Kraaikamp and I, had the idea to do some imaging so we decided to meet in Ewer. The predictions looked pretty good, the only problem was that Emil had to travel about 6 hours to get from Brussels to Ewer. So in the very early morning of Sunday the 9th of September at 02:00h Emil arrived which meant we still had plenty of time to image Jupiter and also the moon. Unfortunately, the transparancy was rather poor when we started, but it gradually got better. Even the seeing improved later in the night.

After 50 GB of data, several cups of warm tea, and a plate full of macaroni we got this recording of Jupiter and its moon Europa (near the Great Red Spot, at lower left) which was taken around sunrise! We took 4 movies with 4 different color filters with each around 2200 individual frames. Using the software written by Emil (Autostakkert!2) the images were processed and stacked. Only the best 50% of the frames were used to create this image. This 'lucky-imaging' technique makes it possible to make high-resolution images near the diffraction limit of the telescope.

The images were taken with a 40 cm Newtonian, equipped with a 3x barlow lens and a Basler Ace monochrome camera.
Copyright: Emil Kraaikamp, Rik ter Horst
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