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NEXPReS rates "excellent"!

Submitter: Kristine Yun
Description: NEXPReS representatives converged on Brussels again last month to present results from the EC-funded project's second year. As a result of the totally awesome work by the entire project team, and the gnarly annual report and presentation coordinated by project manager T. Charles Yun, NEXPReS received a preliminary rating of "excellent"!

The main objective of NEXPReS is: Correlate in real time what you can, correlate later what you need. Highlights from the July 2011 - June 2012 period include:
  • 4Gbps recording / 1Gbps real-time demo
  • Demonstration of international Bandwidth on Demand (BoD) at 4Gbps
  • Configuration of 10Gbps BoD for the LOFAR Long-Term Archive
  • Automated Correlation demonstration with Hartebeesthoek, Yebes, and Torun
  • "FlexBuff" (High-Bandwidth, High-Capacity Networked Storage) performance tests at AALTO, JIVE, Onsala, and Jodrell Bank

    Representing the project with Charles were:
  • Norbert Meyer (PSNC), NEXPReS Chair
  • Huib van Langevelde (JIVE), NEXPReS Coordinator
  • Arpad Szomoru (JIVE), WP5 Activity Leader
  • Ari Mujunen (AALTO), WP8 Activity Leader
  • Yvonne Kool (JIVE). NEXPReS Secretary

    Invaluable contributions to the annual report and presentation were also made by:
  • Richard Hughes-Jones (DANTE), WP2 Activity Leader
  • Francisco "Paco" Colomer (FG-IGN), WP3 Activity Leader
  • Kristine Yun (JIVE), WP4 Activity Leader
  • Paul Boven (JIVE), WP6 Activity Leader
  • Mark Kettenis (JIVE), WP7 Activity Leader

    With just one year of the project remaining, we're turning the corner from system design and testing to full implementation. By July 2013 we aim to have successfully eliminated the distinction between "traditional" recorded VLBI and e-VLBI, to offer "mixed" VLBI as a regular service from the EVN.

    Both thanks and congratulations go out to everyone who contributed to an officially "excellent" project year, and especially to Charles for a likewise excellent annual report and review. Party on, dudes!
  • Copyright: JIVE/NEXPReS
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