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Visit of the Italian Ambassador to ASTRON/JIVE

Submitter: Raffaella Morganti for the italian ASTRON/JIVE community
Description: ASTRON/JIVE was recently hounored by the visit of the Italian Ambassador in The Netherlands, Dr. Francesco Azzarello.

The italians are the largest non-dutch community at ASTRON/JIVE and this is not by accident. The Netherlands and Italy both have a long tradition in radio astronomy and there are many collaborations between the two countries. The best examples are the participation in the European VLBI Network (EVN), the scientific collaboration on WSRT and LOFAR projects, and technical collaborations related to SKA (of which both Italy and The Netherlands are founding members).

It was, therefore, appropriate to show the Ambassador the institute, the telescopes and all the great things that are going on. The Ambassador had the chance to visit the WSRT with a closer look at the Apertif prototype receiver and at Embrace. He then visited the ASTRON/JIVE Headquarters in Dwingeloo where he was shown around by the italian community at ASTRON/JIVE. He had a tour of the LOFAR/WSRT control room and a taste of the science done with these telescopes. He was shown the JIVE correlator and he got a brief introduction to the new antenna technology being developed at ASTRON in collaboration with italian institutes and organizations. During lunch, he had the opportunity to learn more from Marco de Vos and Arnold van Ardenne about other ASTRON projects and, of course, SKA!

We were happy to see that the ambassador enjoyed this visit. He told us that he learned a lot and he really liked to see the truly international environment in which we do research. Of course, he particularly enjoyed to see the enthusiasm of the young italian researchers and he was proud to see the role they play in some of the important projects at ASTRON/JIVE.
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