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Todays Colloquium: The Jansky Very Large Array: Current Status and some Recent Results

Submitter: Rick Perley (NRAO)
Description: The Expanded Very Large Array Project is now officially completed. The new array -- the Jansky Very Large Array -- can now observe at any frequency between 1 and 50 GHz, with up to 8 GHz of instantaneous bandwidth. The Canadian-built correlator, 'WIDAR', provides full polarization products with 2 Mhz resolution over the full bandwidth, and much higher spectral resolution over narrower bandwidth. This new telescope offers unprecedented sensitivity and flexibility for astronomy, most notably at the higher frequencies where the full bandwidth is available.

In this talk, I will describe the current status of the VLA, and illustrate this new power with recent examples of imaging done with the array. The full-bandwidth (8 GHz) capability is just now coming on line, and I will show the first results from commissioning tests done on 3C273 last week.
Copyright: R. Perley
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