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Accepting applications: Helena Kluyver Female Visitor Programme

Submitter: Kristine Yun
Description: Are you an ASTRON or JIVE employee whose work would benefit from in-person collaboration with an advanced-career professional from another institute? Are you a female astronomer, or software or systems engineer, who would like to work face-to-face with someone at ASTRON or JIVE on a short-term basis? Do you know anyone who would benefit from this type of partnership?

ASTRON and JIVE are seeking nominations and applications for the Helena Kluyver Female Visitor Programme. The programme covers travel to and from Dwingeloo, food and accommodation expenses for the visitor, for up to three months. In addition to collaboration and sharing job expertise, an important goal of the programme is in coaching young women to build careers in a male dominated environment.

Each visit is based on a research project in collaboration with an ASTRON/JIVE employee (male or female!). This may be in astronomy, antenna/systems design, or software and algorithm development. Applications are open to women from any relevant field and any nationality.

If you know any potential candidates, please bring the Helena Kluyver programme to their attention. If you would like a female collaborator to visit you, email helenakluyver@astron.nl. More information is available on the HK web page.
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