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Today Colloquium: The Cartographer and the Buccaneer: Transients in the Age of Discovery

Submitter: Dale Frail
Description: The dynamic radio sky is seen as a frontier area in astrophysics, ripe for new discovery. A revolution is underway, driven by recent advances in antenna and receiver technologies, paired with the availability of fast computing and sophisticated imaging algorithms. A new generation of facilities being is built at decameter and centimeter wavelengths and all of them have identified the time domain as a primary science driver.

To date, most new classes of long-duration transients have come from counterpart searches, identified initially at other wavelengths. Discovery can also come from systematic, unbiased surveys of the radio sky. I will describe our recent work which has aimed both to characterize the dynamic radio sky and to discover new classes of transients. I will end my talk with a discussion of future facilities and the potential for new discoveries.

Caption:Light curves and optical images of variable radio sources in the Chandra Deep Field South, identified as part of a search for sub-milliJansky transients and variables at 20-cm. From Mooley et al. (2013).
Copyright: Dale Frail
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