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Today's Colloquium: Interactions between radio galaxies and their environments

Submitter: Martin Hardcastle
Description: Speaker: Martin Hardcastle (Univ. of Hertfordshire, UK)

Whenever we see radio emission from a radio galaxy or other radio-loud AGN, we are seeing evidence for a strong interaction between the jet produced by the AGN and the pc-Mpc scale environment. However, until comparatively recently, it has been difficult to quantify these effects and understand their relevance to models of formation and evolution of galaxies. I will discuss some recent results from radio, FIR and X-ray observations and some numerical modelling that help to give us a better idea of what radio galaxies can, and cannot, do.

Image: X-ray image of the nearby radio galaxy 3C305 (colours) with 8.4-GHz contours of radio emission from the VLA superposed. This radio galaxy drives a strong shock into the host galaxy on scales of ~ 10 kpc, giving rise to a fast outflow of hot, warm and cold gas.
Copyright: Martin Hardcastle
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