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ASTRON visits Long Beach!

Submitter: George Heald
Description: For the past couple of years, ASTRON has traveled to the American Astronomical Society (AAS) meeting in January to strengthen our ties within the worldwide community. These trips have not only made ASTRON more visible to our international colleagues, but also allowed us to keep everyone up to date on the great advances made within the LOFAR project. This year was no exception, and as is becoming tradition, we and our trusty booth made the voyage across the Atlantic. This time the AAS meeting was held in sunny Long Beach, California (in the Greater Los Angeles Area). The ASTRON delegation this year consisted of George Heald and the four Mikes Mike Sipior, Michael Wise, Michiel Brentjens, Mike Garrett, and guest participation by Charlotte Sobey from MPIfR (Bonn).

As always the fantastic LOFAR station model (with its blinky lights) played its part, drawing the crowds to our booth to learn about ASTRON, LOFAR, and APERTIF. This year, we were also prepared with a couple of live demos: Michiel Brentjens's "LOFAR Live!" (real-time all-sky LOFAR images; stay tuned for more on this topic...) and Mike Sipior's postage stamp server extension to the MSSS web interface. We also thanked our guests for their visit by giving them a small ASTRON-themed gift - these were extremely popular!

We're looking forward to keeping up this tradition in 2014!
Copyright: Photos courtesy of Charlotte Sobey
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