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Building apace

Submitter: Jan Noordam
Description: The Building Project has entered a new phase. While management and its supporting services (and JIVE) are coming to terms with their lovely new wing in the left background, the "1980" building is being ripped down to its skeleton to create a creative environment for the steadily expanding Astronomy Group. It will also provide a more suitable entrance for the kind of visitors we are hoping to attract.

The picture was taken from the spot where the old barracks once stood. In those days, JIVE was just a glint in Richard's eye, and most of the SRZM activities revolved around the lab, and operating the telescope(s). These activities are now housed in the "1996" building, which was opened by our gracious Queen when She was at the mid-point of Her Reign. It is just visible in the background on the right.
Copyright: ASTRON/JIVE
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