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Submitter: Albert-Jan Boonstra
Description: The ASTRON-IBM DOME project is presented at CeBIT 2013 in Hannover as part of the Big-Data focus area of the IBM booth. The DOME theme is "Big Bang Meets Big Data". The CeBIT was opened by Dr.Angela Merkel, Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany. The picture shows the Chancellor at the IBM Booth talking to the IBM Germany General Manager Martina Koederitz. The inset lower-left shows some of the goodies presented at the DOME booth: a dense aperture array antenna, a 3-D stacked chip, a phase-change memory chip, a low power ADC chip so small a magnifier is needed to see it, a very thin photonic link replacing a wire stack the size of a small tree trunk. Also a printed circuit board for a micro-server was on display, produced by a manufacturer in Drenthe. The inset on the right shows the scientific leaders of the project, Ton Engbersen of the IBM Zurich Research Labs (right) and the submitter of this AJDI of ASTRON (left).

The project was interviewed by newspaper journalists (a.o. Frankfurter Allgemeine), camera teams (e.g. Euronews, BBC Arabic), and news-sites journalists (CNET). The SKA signal processing challenges are impressive, the items on display showed we are on a route towards affordable low-power computing and signal processing as is required for the SKA.

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