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Karting, karting, karting,.... Rawhide!

Submitter: Jan Noordam
Description: Last week (25 april), the ASTRON/JIVE personnel club (PV) organized another karting event, this time on the outdoor track in Pottendijk, near Emmen. In the end, Roelof Boesenkool prevailed over the other two experienced drivers, Marco Drost and Merijn Martens. But 10 ambitious amateurs were not too far behind, and a great time was had by all.

The participants were distributed over gender (12-1), over age (a range of 40 years) and over weight (a range of 40 kg). Most of these parameters did not turn out to be strong predictors of performance. The final result would only have been significantly different if the scores had been corrected for weight (which would have been entirely reasonable, IMHO).

Actually, it is a pity that so few people participated this time. In earlier events, on the indoor track in Hoogeveen, we used to have up to 50 participants, who competed in teams of four. There would even be cheering fans. The excitement, noise and the warm glow of adrenalin makes brothers (and sisters) out of mere colleagues. The pecking order is radically different, and people who would normally not speak to each other have profound discussions about the intermediate scores on the screens. And, last but not least, it is an opportunity for those in the far pavillions to be a little more visible. After all, Paris vaut bien une messe, and you might even enjoy it.

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