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Special message received by LOFAR

Submitter: Henri Meulman
Description: One day after the coronation of our new King, Willem Alexander of the House of Orange, one of the antennas of the giant LOFAR radio telescope received a special message from a young girl from a small village in the northern part of the Netherlands.

On April 30th at 19:00, a balloon with a hand-written card attached to it was released in the village of Nieuwe Pekela. High up in the air it travelled south, accompanied by lots of other balloons.

After a few hours, the balloon started its descent. Slowly it approached the crowded center of LOFAR, close to the village of Exloo in Drenthe, the Netherlands. On the 1st of May, it got snared by one of the thousands of radio antennas, waiting for it to be found by an engineer.

Copyright: Oranje Bevrijdings Comité Pekela
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