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Girlsday 2013

Submitter: Monique Ankone
Description: Last thursday (25th of April) ASTRON, JIVE and the NOVA Optical/ Infrared group at ASTRON organised the Girlsday for high school girls. Girlsday is a European initiative to make young girls enthusiastic about technology and ICT, and takes place annually on the fourth Thursday in April. On Girlsday, girls can see that working in science and technology is fun and exciting. It can also help them in their choice of profiles in high school or in their choice for further studies and a career in science and technology.

This year, we welcomed 32 high school girls from four high schools in the North of the Netherlands. The girls learned about how antennas and other instruments for telescopes work, and how a telescope as big as Europe can be simulated. They also had the opportunity to chat with astronomers and telescope operators in other European countries such as Germany, France and South-Africa. Besides this they also had the chance to build their own radio receiver.
Copyright: Harm-Jan Stiepel
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