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Today's Colloquium: Enabling discoveries - instruments for radio-astronomy

Submitter: Arnold van Ardenne
Description: This colloquium coincides with the inauguration of ASTRON's new auditorium. The auditorium is part of ASTRON's "vernieuwbouw" project. Since January 2013, a part of ASTRON's staff and all of JIVE are housed in the new building 2012. The inaugural colloquium will be given by Prof Ir Arnold van Ardenne on the occasion of his retirement.

Probably most will agree that discoveries are made by people through a mix of planned and unplanned attributes, including the qualities of the involved people themselves. In all this, instruments are required that are at least matched to the challenge of key and exciting science questions. In the radio, we may think of new instruments like ALMA and LOFAR with SKA on the horizon but also of upgrades and refinements of existing telescopes equipped with new attributes enabled by creativity and the use of new technologies.

This presentation will make a tour induced by personal experience of 4 decades of instrument development with ASTRON involvement over a large wavelength range to illustrate the strategic importance of focussed technical R&D to make it all happen.
Copyright: Arnold van Ardenne
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